Officers & Board Members

Michael Albetta, President

Ed Luna, Vice President

Juliette M Rocque, Treasurer

Rose Mather, Secretary

Ted Spilotes, Board Member

Shane Jordan, Board Member

​Steven Jacobson, Board Member

Hello, Residents and Neighbors of Lake Ridge: 

Proactively concerned in the preservation of the present and future welfare of the Lake Ridge community and its citizens, the Lake Ridge Civic Association Board serves as the eyes, and ears of the community. With your collaboration, Lake Ridge is flourishing and developing.

We respond to issues which appear to be detrimental and communicate the issues to the proper authorities. We strive to improve communication and create a stronger partnership between the City and County Governments and the Neighborhood.

We aim to promote "Unity in the Community," and are committed to neighborhood beautification and safety through traffic calming initiatives and continued tree-scaping and area clean-ups.


Michael Albetta 
Lake Ridge Civic Association